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Work Administration

workTeam Working: To be someone who is always willing to ask for help and at the same time always willing to assist others.

Quality Focus: Ability to pay attention to details and identify areas for improvement on regular basis.

Conflict management: Ability to create harmony among diverse interest groups.

Oral Communication: Ability to communicate ideas verbally in an apt way.

Organizing & Prioritizing: Ability to sort out things in order of their urgency and importance.

Problem Solving: Ability to form tentative hypothesis and to test them out in order to arrive at a solution.

Initiative: The willingness to come forward to do a task as reflected in action.

Flexibility: Ability to adapt oneself in accordance to the need of the situation.

Stress Tolerance: The capacity to work well under pressure or against opposition.

Tenacity: The ability to behave in a firm and persistent manner.

Technical Focus: Ease and interest to work with technical things.

Compliancy: A disposition or tendency to yield to the will of others that results in being in accordance with specified guidelines.

Written Communication: Ability to communicate effectively through virtual or print media.

Implementation Focus: Ability to act with the end in mind i.e. working to get things done.

Innovation: Inclination to do things in a new way.

Time Management: Ability to manage time with the help of various tools and techniques.