ProfessionalCustomer Focus: Focusing on the needs of the customers and working under expectancies.

Persuasiveness: Ability to make others follow one`s goal untiringly.

Result Focus: Focusing on end results more than means.

Accountability: Being answerable for a particular job; being open to admit responsibility in case of failure.

Responsibility: Taking personal responsibility of organizational resources to execute tasks or projects.

Interpersonal Understanding:Ability to understand even partly expressed thoughts and feelings of others.

Transparency: The desire and ability to encourage openness in one`s area of work.

Achievement Orientation: The innate desire for advancement towards better.

Integrity: The capacity to be consistent in actions, values, methods, measures and principle.

Ethical Sensitivity: The capacity to internalise standards of behaviour and conduct in professional manoeuvre.

Business Acumen: Ability of an individual to make profitable business decisions.

Professional Commitment: Degree of commitment and loyalty towards one`s profession and organization.

Business Networking: Ability to create business opportunities through networks of like minded business people.

Listening: Ability to make the other party feel that he is been heard; and acknowledging his views.

Information Sharing: Willingness to keep everybody informed about tasks and projects.

Diplomacy: Ability to be sensitive to power groups and be politically correct at work.

Mediation: Ability to resolve disputes in an amicable way.

Coordination: Ability to make different people or things work together for a goal.