InterpersonnelLearning Orientation: Ability to learn from every situation be it good or bad.

Living by values: Consciously using one’s values to make decisions and take action.

Risk Taking: Undertaking a particular task which involves lot of uncertainty and of fear of failure, in order to achieve a desired goal.

Altruistic Focus: Regardful of others, seeking success in manner wherein one doesn’t have to trample the other on their way up the ladder.

Openness: Being without any reserve or false pretence, willingness to accept criticism and challenges in a non complaining manner.

Self-confidence: Sense of Self-assuredness in the manner in which one thinks, acts, behaves, speaks and makes decisions.

Self-motivation: Ability to draw the required strength from within oneself, without depending on the external environment, and being committed to a particular task despite all odds.

Self-awareness: Self awareness is the ability to know oneself, their emotions, feelings and dispositions.

Self-esteem: Ability of a person to assess his/her own self worth.

Self-efficacy: One’s belief about his or her capabilities to produce effects.

Passion: Having strong and consistent feeling towards and idea, project or belief.

Reflection: Derive learning from past actions, mistakes.

Punctuality: Honoring commitments without external pressure.

Vicarious Learning: Learning by observing others.